There's no way I'm doing that.

Are you up there?

Don't try to carry too much.

Hartmann isn't actually the manager.

I'll let you think about it.

A child on your back may guide you across a ford.

He always asks for your opinion.

Would you guys shut up?

Anything that can be misunderstood will be.

We got a little bit of rain overnight.


I ate something earlier this evening that didn't agree with me.


It took only a 1000 yen to convince him.

It seems that you are not having a good time here.

Evan wasn't honest.


She doesn't use it.


There is a little water in the glass.


You'd better not go to school tomorrow.

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Gregor needs to buy himself some time.

We're not going back there.

You experienced a pain in your legs, didn't you?


I see how you study.

Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, the stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

He is preparing for the test.

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Who will take care of the dog while we are away?


Follow the street for about 50 meters, and you will see a post office.

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Do you have an alarm clock in your room?

Jef is sewing his jacket.

In many African countries south of the Sahara, poverty exists.


He ignored me.

My father is very much involved in the stock market now.

It's because she loves me.


I am still in shock.


Rajesh heard Gideon screaming.

Father makes sure that the light is off.

I can't understand what you said at all.

Their divorce is much talked about in their neighborhood.

She gambled the money.

Terrence won't be able to get to the airport on time.

He found her body in the pool.

Justin won't let Tanaka do that.

I suggest we all calm down.


I'm a lot bigger than you are.


I know Clay likes Brandon.

Divide it among the three.

Come and have tea with me.

The troops advanced twenty miles.

I don't want any more trouble.

Could you give me change out of a hundred-dollar bill?

Who could've done this?

The thief vanished.

I couldn't convince Stagger to help.


I was losing balance.

She cleaned the room for me.

I'll bring Carolyn to you.

I only type in Portuguese.

You didn't see Dustin, did you?

When did you write that last part?

I made a lot of trips to the employment bureau before I found a job.

They know what we did.

And why not?

Will I get to the station if I take this road?

Kathryn came here to help us.


You've chosen a good time to visit Boston.

I wish we could just ask them.

A fortune-teller read my hand.

Vassos has more money than I'll ever earn in my entire life.

I figured you already knew that.


It is difficult, if not impossible, to solve this problem.

It took us a long time to agree on where to pitch the tent.

Johnathan is having a hard time swallowing.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

You can have three tries.

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I've seen it done.

You lead me into temptation!

There is nothing you can do for him.

Can Sonny help us?

I thought it would be fun to live in Boston for a year or two.

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If you hear anything new from him, please let me know about it.

Dewey beat the drum at a slow tempo.

I don't want to be seen with him.

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He is a killer, he should be behind bars!

Don't doubt the effectiveness of this drug.

Your movements were unaccountable.

I lost my dinner.

He told me to speak more slowly.

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Let's figure out the cost of the trip.

Let's shake hands.

I have Vincent's picture right here.

That's why Sofia won.

It's quite comfortable.

You ought to know that.

Vickie is direct, isn't he?


We went to the beach together.

The special conditions will be valid until 2025.

I don't want to go to Julianto's stupid party.

Herman is a very dedicated student.

She did not return till six.

It will not be long before Scott gets well.

Are we supposed to be doing this?

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I don't think I could stand it.


The girl screamed with fear, which we all shared.

Where are you taking me?

The wreckage is scattered over a large area.

It is surprising that you should know her name.

The horse that we can't buy will always have a defect.


The man stood there, dumbfounded.

The child began to cry at the sight of the dog.

He put on his hat at once.


True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

There may be a problem with Shawn.

You saw the file, didn't you?


Buy or die!


He received a good education.

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The train arrived safely at the station a few minutes ago.

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May I trouble you for a match?

No, thank you. I've had enough.

He couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.

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Get me some paper.

The best of friends must part.

Tor did what he was asked to do without hesitation.

Milo is always complaining.

We have little opportunity to use English.


Ritchey lives on the other side of the hill.


The burglar must have entered the mansion from the roof.

Linley used to be talkative.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy everything I need right now.

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He charged the accident to my carelessness.


We are experienced.

Rodent headed toward the door.

The two sides finally agreed on a compromise.

Well, how did it happen anyway?

If by any chance I'm late, please don't wait for me.


I decided to try again.

Playing the piano is her favorite pastime.

The protection circuit is built into the system.

Do you also accept American Express?

I'm not sure you're going to like this.

Mayuko eats bread for breakfast.

I didn't say this!

That might not be necessary.

It is a table.


The Koran is Islamic scripture.

You make a box.

That didn't bother me.

Tell them to come here.

A new sentence is like a message in a bottle: some time it will be translated.

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The Van Horn family was in the chips.

I haven't seen them in ages.

Do they know you're here?

Take it to the men in Room 318.

Oh! Thank you, my dear.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

I made a few modifications.

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Teresa could've gone by himself.

We wish him well in his future endeavors.

She began to sing.

Why I am not living with you?

They bottled the wine.


The diving competition is one of Srikanth's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.